Referral BONUSES for:


You have already decided to register an account in Binance?

Do you want to also receive a BONUS when registering?

If you use the link below and deposit more than $50 within 14 days of registration.

Both you and I will be rewarded with a 100 USDT trading fee rebate voucher each.

This is our referral link for registering for your Binance account for the first time – click here:



If you are asked or prefer to fill it manually – you can copy and paste this Referral ID:       CPA_0077XSK8TM

The detailed Binance rules on How to Use Binance Lite Referral you can find HERE.




Option 2.

If you would like to pay with stable coins or other crypto and want to receive Cashback for any purchases –

you can order the Binance VISA Debit Card.

Please click on this link to do this now:




In case you need to enter referral code manualy – this is our Referral ID:  LIMIT_BCRQFY5Q

Detailed Rules of the Referral Campaign Bonus and Cashback Levels – you can find if you click HERE.




If you use our Referral link to order a Ledger Cold storage Hardware wallet – both me and You will receive a 10$ equivalent in Bitcoin.

Bonus will be available after 30 days have passed following your purchase and you have not returned your item for a Refund.


Click here to use the Referral link for Ledger:


As an Invitee, how can you claim the Gift Code present on your Card? Upon purchase of your Ledger Product through your friend Link, You received a Ledger Product along with a Card. To redeem your first Referral Reward You have to scratch your Card, unveil the Gift Code and enter it in your Refer-a-friend account.


The detailed Ledger Referral Program Terms and Conditions you can find if you Click HERE.


4. KuCoin

Sign Up and Join the KuCoin exchange to be able to claim a Mystery Box with welcome Bonuses if you never had an account

join-kucoin-now-poster_with-qr-link-1675445023189 bit-ly_nikokucoin

After you apply to join – you will be prompted to Read and accept the KuCoin Terms of Use –